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Learning Wrap Ups Review

Learning Wrap-Ups Review
We received an Online Family Subscription to from Learning Wrap Ups to review. This is an online version of their Learning Palette product, which covers learning materials for math and reading. The Math Learning Palette covers grades K-5 and the Reading Learning Palette covers grades K-3. The 1-year subscription costs $25 for 1 student and $60 for 5 students. Be sure to check out the fantastic deal Learning Wrap Ups is offering homeschooler's who are interested in purchasing a 1-year subscription at the bottom of this post!

The Learning Palette comes in two versions - physical and online. The online version of the Learning Palette offers unlimited access to 55 titles for Math and Reading. Each title includes 12 lessons with 12 questions per lesson for a total of 660 lessons and 7,980 questions! Basically, it covers a lot of material! The physical and online versions use the same cards, but with the physical version you would need to purchase each grade level, while the online version gives you access to all levels for both reading and math. Both are interactive and engaging!

How else are they different? 

Well, the online version uses a click and drag function to place the colored disks in the answer slots. Which, I'll admit, can be tough for younger children, but older children who are experienced with using computers should not have an issue with. Once the palette is complete, a box will appear that will ask you if you are finished and by selecting yes you will see check marks for correct answers and x's for incorrect answers. You can then refresh the palette if you would like to try again or move on to the next card. You will be able to see how long it took to complete the palette, as well as the number of complete answers. This method makes it considerably easier for younger children to use the program, because they do not have to keep flipping the cards around to check their answers and they automatically move on to the next card without having to ask the parent to get it for them.

The physical version is hands-on and self-correcting. The kits come with a base, cards and colored disks. You set the card in the base questions side up, use the disks to place your answers, and then remove the card and turn it over to see if your answers are correct. Children can use the Learning Palette individually or with a small group. It's easy to learn how to use it and children will love the freedom of working on the cards all by themselves! This may require parents or teachers to set up the next card for them.

We started with the Basic levels for Math and Reading, as that is the level my children are at (essentially a preschool level). Although I did poke around the other levels, to see how the different levels progress. Many of the cards look like this. The card instructions will prompt you to "match the colors" or "match pictures to the number word". Each card is very straight-forward and even children who cannot yet read will be able to understand what to do based on the pictures (at least for the basic levels). 

This is what the physical Learning Palette for Math looks like. All of the physical Learning Palette's are packaged in a clear vinyl case. The base, cards and disks all fit inside for easy storage! 
Learning Wrap-Ups Review
Along with the Learning Palette for math, they also offer Wrap Ups, which are extremely clever learning tools! You basically have a stack of cards that are connected, and you use the attached string to "wrap-up" your answers. It's like the activities where you draw a line across to the correct match, but this is a compact tool that packs in a lot of learning! They offer Wrap Ups for basic math, addition, subtraction, fractions, multiplication, division, and even pre-algebra! The Early-Childhood Education Wrap Ups for math include numbers, and shapes and logic
Learning Wrap-Ups Review
The Reading Learning Palette starts off by teaching letters, uppercase and lowercase recognition and matching pictures to words or letters. Each card comes with instructions, but most are self-explanatory. For example, "find the beginning consonant" shows pictures and words that you need to match. So you would need to match S to Sun and M to Moon. 

While Munchkin knows the entire alphabet as uppercase and lowercase, he still needs some practice matching the two. There are typically 3 or so cards for each type of activity, such as matching uppercase and lowercase letters or matching beginning consonants to pictures and words.

Just like with the math kits, the Reading Learning Palette comes in a clear vinyl case and all the pieces fit inside to keep things organized! Since homeschooler's usually have tons of loose learning materials, it's great that these are self-contained kits. That makes clean-up quick and easy!

Learning Wrap-Ups Review
The Wrap Ups for reading are just as clever as the math ones! They have vocabulary and sight word Wrap Ups, as well as alphabet and phonics for Early-Childhood Education. 
Learning Wrap-Ups Review
What did I like most? The amount of questions for each subject! There are so many different questions and it covers a lot of information. My kids are never at a loss for what to do next and they gradually move up through the levels. It's perfect for children who like to work independently and for those who prefer to learn at their own pace. Homeschooler's will find this product very useful for their children! They can be used for hands-on learning and review. They are compact, portable and organized and you can even use them on-the-go! They also have products for early-childhood education that is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers and after-school kits for older kids. I personally think younger children will prefer the physical Learning Palette and older children will prefer the online Learning Palette. 
I love that the online Learning Palette is affordable for homeschooling families! For 1 student it costs $25 and for 5 students it costs $60 and the subscription lasts an entire year! Considering that the online Learning Palette offers both Math and Reading subjects, across all grade levels, that makes this a very affordable learning product! The online Learning Palette does require an internet connection and can also be used on tablets.
What would I love to see from Learning Palette? More subjects! I would absolutely love to see a science, geography and music version of this product, as they do have a Wrap Ups set for these subjects! It would also be great to see some social studies or history sets as well! I believe that many children would benefit from using this product to learn more subjects. While I definitely prefer a hands-on learning approach to these subjects, I do like that the Learning Palette allows for new learning and can be used for review and study.

Learning Wrap Ups is offering a wonderful deal for our readers! If you are a homeschooling family that is interested in this product and would like to purchase it, you can do so at a discounted price! The Learning Palette subscription usually costs $59.99, but if you use our coupon code, you will receive 20% off! The subscription will last until May 31, 2015 and will cost $47.99 for 5 children! If you would like to try out the Online Learning Palette first, simply go to their website and try out the demo version! You will have access to 1 card and all 55 titles. Then if you would like to purchase a subscription, simply call 1-800-992-4966 and mention The Old Schoolhouse or order online and use the coupon code "HomeSchool".
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