Friday, June 20, 2014

Watercolor Popsicle Stick Puzzles

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We recently won a giveaway for Faber and Castell products at Toys Are Tools. Jenn writes wonderful reviews on learning products and I have never been steered wrong from her suggestions. She often has giveaways and this is the second time we have won a giveaway from her!

We have been having a great time exploring all the ways we can use these wonderful watercolors. These watercolors are simply the best watercolors we have ever used! And my kids love them, so that's a major plus! The colors are vibrant and we have had great success using them on both wood and felt! Unbelievable!

We used:
Faber and Castell Connector Paint Box 12 lovely shades! And I love that they are not classic bright colors.
Faber and Castell CLIC & GO Water Cup This cup is awesome! It has ridges around the top so your paint brushes never roll away! And it collapses for easy storage!
Faber and Castell CLIC & GO Two Brush Set These paintbrushes are so unique! I have never seen paintbrushes like these and my kids really love using them!
Popsicle Craft Sticks The main ingredient to this project! Any will do, so long as they are clean and not broken.
Tape - Any will do (we used electrical tape). We painted on a sheet of laminated paper, which we use to protect the table.

We also won a set of Faber-Castell Do Art Watercolor Pencils, however we did not use it for this project. We do plan to share activities using them soon though!

We started by taping the popsicle sticks together. We simply placed two long pieces of tape (sticky side up) on a piece of paper and folded the ends under so they were held in place. Then we carefully lined up 10 popsicle sticks and made sure the edges all lined up.

Bean and I painted side by side. Munchkin was not interested, because he was reading a Mickey Mouse book. As you can see, Bean has already used these paints a lot!

Bean made a sun! We did work on the blue part together, because she did not want to blue to blend into the other colors. That meant letting the sun dry for a couple minutes (they are fast drying watercolors!) and then working on coloring in the blue sky.

I made a house! Bean loves the color brown, so that's what inspired this house. I kept the house pretty simple, but made sure each piece blended into the next piece so they were never confused about where they go.

Aren't the colors just lovely? We really did not expect them to come out so great on the wood. We expected the colors to fade, but they haven't! That was when I decided to try painting with them on felt and to my surprise it paints on felt beautifully too!

The sun is definitely the more difficult puzzle because of all the rays, but that just means it's a fun challenge. The puzzles take about 1-2 minutes to complete, and Bean usually just mixes all the pieces together, so some are upside down and she has to figure out which way each piece goes.

Now that we know the watercolors paint so beautifully on wood popsicle sticks, we will definitely be making more of these puzzles!

You can easily store the puzzles with an elastic band wrapped around them and tuck them into a busy bag or travel pack to take on the go. We will be making more of these to take on vacation with us.

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