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Alphabet I-Spy Bin

Alphabet I-Spy Bins

Bean does well with letters, but she prefers numbers. She just has no interest in alphabet flash cards, although she loves sitting and reading books. So I think it will be fun to make an I-Spy letter game. The theme of each bin will be items that start with the letter we are working on and I will just be keeping it simple and keeping to that letter until she is used to this activity. I plan on keeping it all contained in a plastic bin and use our dry-erase board to write down the sight words and for her to find the item it belongs to.
So this list includes foods (plastic, from our play kitchen), colours, shapes, numbers, animals and small objects. We will just be using items that we have on hand. This will be a growing list and I'll add to it as we make these. Obviously some letters will have a lot more options but we will make do. And I will post pictures as we work our way through the alphabet :)
We started out doing one letter a day, but the kids loved them so much that now we make several a day. We also sometimes start from the beginning and use more items. After we did the colour search and find bins, they have been much more interested in finding the items by themselves. So now I read off words that start with the letter we are on and send them off into the toy room to collect them. Whatever they find is added to the bin. So far, P has been a huge success (notice how many more items they found?).
As an added challenge, I have started to ask Bean to match the object with the word. She has actually done really well with this. I check off each word she successfully matches and then move on, but I don't read them in order. Also, the pictures are taken after the items have been uncovered.

A - apple, alligator, acorn, animal, arm, airplane, anchor, angel, ant,

B - bear, bat, beads, bread, brown, blue, black, banana, book, bowl, box, bull, button, bracelet, bottle, bib, blanket, block, broccoli, bumble bee, butterfly, baby, ball, bark, bed, boat, bulldozer, boy, bell,

C - corn, carrot, cat, chocolate, chair, cloth, circle, cow, cheese, cup, chalk, cookie, crab, chicken, car, cupcake, candle, candy, cracker, croissant, cake, chip, comb, camel, can, card, coin, coral,

D - deer, dinosaur, diamond, dime, donut, dress, duck, dolphin, dragon, dress, dad, dice, doll,

E - elephant, eggplant, egg, eight, eyes, ears, Eeyore, envelope, eraser, earring,

F - frog, four, five, fork, foam, fish, feet, flamingo, feather, fox, flower, fly, fennel, french fry, fire truck, fabric, farm, fence, fern, funnel, farmer,

G - grapes, green, grass, gem, goat, green beans, glass, goose, giraffe, glitter, gorilla, glove, gecko, ghost, girl, glasses, guitar,gray, gold,

H - horse, heart, human, hammer, hippo, hat, hot dog, hen, hand, hair, hairbrush,

I - ice, igloo, indigo, ice cream,

I will include the picture for "I" soon. Unfortunately the igloo we made was stolen and used in an arctic life sensory bin.

J - jell-O, jewelry, jelly fish, jam, juice, jaguar, jar,

K - king, knife, ketchup, koala,

L - leaves, lips, lion, lemon, lettuce, lego, lizard, ladybug, lamb, link, lobster, log,

M - monkey, metal, Mickey Mouse, marker, mirror, magnet, monster, muffin, mountain, moon, mushroom, mom, macaroni, marble, mask, mouse,

N - nickel, nails, nine, nose, necklace, net, noodle, nut,

O - orange, oval, one, ostrich, orangutan, owl, octopus, oatmeal,

P - purple, pinto beans, pink, pipe cleaners, peas, Play-Doh, pig, penny, picture, piano, plate, paper, pencil, princess, prince, potato, pepper, pie, penguin, Piglet, Pooh, phone, pumpkin, pots, pans, pirate, polar bear, pear, paint brush, paint, pail, pants, pine cone, pinwheel, puffin,

Q - queen, quarter,
R - red, rectangle, rocks, rice, rooster, ring, strawberry, rabbit, rhinoceros, ruler, rainbow, raspberry, raccoon, reindeer, reptile, ribbon, rope,
S - sand, square, shovel, sand dollars, shells, screws, six, seven, spoon, sheep, shark, sea horse, strainer, screwdriver, saw, star, sun, spices, snake, spider, sock, shoe, shirt, salt, scissors, seeds, soap, silver,
T - table, triangle, two, three, ten, tea, thread, teeth, truck, tiger, Tigger, turtle, toolbox, tree, train, tractor, taxi, tie, toothbrush, towel, tutu, turkey,
U - umbrella, unicorn, utensil,
V - violin, violet, vinegar,
W - water, watermelon, white, whale, wood, wrench, wand, web, whistle, whisk,
X - x-ray, xylophone
Y - yellow, yarn, yam, yak, yogurt, yo-yo,
Z - zebra, zero, zipper,

Mixing the first four letters in the alphabet to match the item to the letter.

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