Friday, May 17, 2013

Gone Fishing!

In preparation for summer time, we have decided to make a fishing game. Bean loved fishing last summer with her great-grandpa. She has her own fishing rod, but last year she needed help using it. Now she has had more practice and loves reeling things in (mostly in the bathtub). Bean uses paperclips for hooks and Munchkin uses magnets.
I decided to use foam for this activity since it can be used wet or dry. I cut out a fish shape and then used it to trace more fish (I used a coloured pencil since it didn't leave any residual colour and only a thin indent). We decided to use red, yellow, orange, purple, green and blue foam and ended up with seven fish of each colour. I had some jump rings left over from a jewelry project, so I used those to make it easier to catch the fish. I poked a hole using a thin yarn needle through the foam before putting on the jump rings. 

And they were all so colourful and cute! Bean had so much fun fishing for them in her bath. She liked that they were moving targets and looked like they were really swimming around in the bath water. I think I will be making another batch of these fish, just bigger. Bean liked that they were small but I think Munchkin would do better with bigger fish. His magnetic fishing rod is a bit too big for these fish. 

These foam fish will be perfect for fishing ABC's, 123's and colours!

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