Friday, May 31, 2013

Paper Plate Birds

Today we were going to make paper plate fish (and we did manage to make one, but we will save that post for tomorrow) and instead made birds instead. Before we finished the kids' birds we went outside to play while the weather was still nice. Tomorrow we will assemble them and I'll update this post with pictures, however I did finish mine so that I could post pictures. The kids like to do these kinds of crafts in intervals. We colour little by little over a few days until it is fully covered in marker. They don't have the patience to do it all at once.

All you need is a couple paper plates, markers, glue and scissors.

For this part I don't guide them at all. I let them colour freely. Their birds will be unique.

Munchkin gets so excited about markers.. But we have to keep a close eye on him because he likes to taste them...

Munchkin is in the "swirling" art stage.

Bean is too, although she does try to branch out. Markers don't spread like paint, so it isn't the same.

My bird, after being coloured. Munchkin chose the colours for me. I just did something basic.

Folded up and standing. The best part: these plates are super sturdy and are SO adorable when they rock! We definitely need to make penguins next!

I cut a beak and tail out of another plate.

And coloured them. 

Then I glued the pieces together. Once the glue was set I added googly eyes.

Bean did not need any help folding her birds in half.

Since she loved the "monster" eyes that we used for the fish, we decided to use them again for the birds.

Bean's birds are very expressive.. I think this one is upset.

And this one looks like an angry bird.

Maybe they don't get along. :(

But they are still so cute!!

I'm going to cut up some brown paper bags and make materials for a nest. :) I think next week we will focus on birds and do more bird crafts.

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