Sunday, May 5, 2013

Treasure Hunt

Rice is a great filler for sensory bins and we especially like to use it in our treasure hunting bins because we learned that it required very little clean up (sand is sometimes hard to clean out of small toys). But before we could add anything, Munchkin and Bean had to get in the bin and feel the rice.

Then we added some jewelry and buried it in the rice.

Once you can barely see any of the treasure, you can bring in the pirate team.

 Yes, there is a duck in the bird's nest. He has very keen eyes for treasure.

Then the treasure hunt can begin! They used shovels to dig for the treasure and whenever any treasure was discovered, they quickly put it on and continued hunting. 

And of course there were plenty of times when they searched with their feet.

Then once all the treasure had been found, they both climbed in again and had more fun in the rice :)

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