Sunday, May 5, 2013

Indoor Sand Box

We love our sand box. It's inside because we do not have a yard to play in, but we make do. Munchkin especially loves the sifter and Bean loves shovels. They worked together to clear all the rocks and grass out of the sand box that we had used in our last sensory activity. We don't normally bother separating the rocks from the sand, because I have a big bag of sand that I can just use for a new bin. But I thought it would be really fun to bring out the beach toys and see if they would enjoy sifting through the sand. They spent over an hour playing in the sandbox.
Munchkin loved filling up the sifter and watching the sand trickle through and leave behind grass and rocks.

Bean had no interest in sifting out the rocks. Instead she found a bucket and used scoops and shovels to transfer rocks and sand from the bin to the bucket. 

Munchkin stayed very focused until he had removed all of the rocks.

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