Friday, May 31, 2013

Paper Plate Fish

We started this project yesterday and saved the plates they coloured on and brought them back out today. Bean was excited to colour again and quickly started scribbling across all the plates. :)

Supplies: paper plates, markers, glue sticks, scissors, googly eyes or eye stickers, tape, yarn for the jellyfish.

Start by colouring the plates. Bean liked to colour the middle of the plates.

Munchkin played with the markers and was more entertained by popping off the caps and putting them back on. :)

I asked Bean which one she wanted to make into a jellyfish and she chose this plate. We flipped it over and I had her help me with the tape. We carefully laid the tape down sticky side up and she gingerly stuck the strands of yarn to the tape (I cut the yarn beforehand, about a foot long).

Then we flipped the tape over and she pressed it against the plate and added more tape to keep it in place.

The front side.

Then Bean added eyes.. Apparently this is a very grumpy jellyfish. :)

We hung him up on the rafter that divides our living room.

These eye stickers are technically for Halloween, but they were perfect for this activity since Bean can easily add them instead of trying to glue googly eyes on.

She moved on to add eyes to her soon-to-be-fish.

I helped cut out the fins and Bean glued them on. 

 We added googly eyes to the other fish.

Half of our living room is painted a sea green colour. Once the fish are done drying we will hang them up on the wall and add air bubbles and seaweed cut out of construction paper. It will be so cute to add a little sea world! The kids will be able to see their art and play with it whenever they want. :)

Tomorrow we will add the bubbles and seaweed. :)

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