Monday, May 20, 2013

Colours: Search and Find

Today we worked on colour sorting using pom poms and buttons. But Munchkin prefers to pour and scoop the pom poms and doesn't care about sorting them by colour. So we decided to have a search and find using toys that we had in the living room since that would be more engaging for him. We used Bean's favourite colour book as a reference. We did not find any of the things on the pages, but it helped them associate objects by its colour. Munchkin needed some guidance with this, so to help him I would hold up two objects and ask, "Which one is ___?" and have him point to the one he thought it was. Bean especially liked leading Munchkin around to try and find objects that matched the colour we were working on.
This was a great exercise for both of them because it was very engaging. I did not have these objects out in the open for them to pick through, they had to go searching in their toy bins. If they were stumped, I would suggest "check in your play kitchen" or "check your car bucket" or "did you see if any of the animals matched the colour?" 
I left My Very First Look at Colors book displayed for them in front of the bucket so if they needed they could run back and check which colour they were on.

Yellow - 

Red -

Green -

Blue -

Orange - 

Purple -

Pink -

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