Friday, June 7, 2013

Counting with Buttons

Bean has been really interested in counting for months. Whenever we walk up or down stairs we count each step. When we are picking up toys we count them (as well as naming them). And when we are grouping the same type of thing, we count them. It's a lot of repetition, but it does help with memorizing. :) We like to sing the numbers song and find any excuse to count. :)

I made this set up for Bean earlier this week and we keep going back to it. It's her favourite so far! And now we have been using the buttons for counting instead of colour sorting.

I just took a sheet of art paper and traced circles and added a number to each. I poured the buttons into a bowl and let Bean go to work.

For each circle I would point it out, tell her which number and then she would count that number on her fingers. When she got it right she would hold up her fingers and then we would count out that many buttons. 

I was doing flash cards with Munchkin when she decided she wanted to use them too. So she counted out the buttons and matched them to each flash card. 

It was great to see how involved she was getting! I can't wait to try new and exciting counting activities with her. :)

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