Friday, June 7, 2013

Painting with Sand

Normally when we paint with sand, we just add a scoop of sand directly into a container of paint and voila! But since we wanted to make some more flubber, I decided to start off with a new painting experience. :)
I taped white paper to our coffee table and then gave each of the kids a styrofoam vegetable tray. We used small plastic cups for the paint. This recipe calls for sand, glue and glitter. :)

We added a tablespoon of our coloured sand to each of the cups.

Then we added glitter! (Use as much as you are comfortable with. I know some people are intimidated by glitter, but once it is mixed in, the glue will keep it all together.)

So pretty and sparkly!

I then added about a tablespoon of glue to each of the cups and mixed it thoroughly into the sand. Use enough glue that it has an consistency similar to a thick paint.

The kids were very eager to paint! The styrofoam trays were there to keep the glue-paint contained but I expected that the paper would be painted on as well. The lucky thing about this recipe is that if you catch it quick enough, the glue is very easy to wash off. :)

Munchkin LOVED the texture! He took his time swishing the paintbrush around in the cup. :)

When sand paint dries, it creates a really lovely grainy texture. We will save these trays for future painting activities until it is fully covered. :)

Munchkin, of course, had to test out the glue paint - how many paint brushes can I fit in this cup? He loved that they stood right up instead of falling out!

He also had to test out whether the paint dripped or not. It doesn't, even when shaken. :) This paint is fairly "clean" as far as paints go. The mess was contained by the glue. It kept everything together pretty well.

And Munchkin had to honor his paint tradition of painting himself. As soon as he did this, I ran over and took off his shirt and rushed it to the sink to rinse it. I was amazed... After a few seconds of running his shirt under warm water, all traces of the glue paint was gone. :)

Afterwards we used the remaining paint to make flubber! We added a little extra glue and then dunked it in a bowl of water with a tablespoon of borax mixed in. Then we had six new balls of flubber. The sand gave it a really nice unique texture.

We just loved the colours! So pretty and really fun to play with. :)

Flubber keeps for months in airtight containers.

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