Friday, June 21, 2013

Which One Doesn't Belong?

The Which One Doesn't Belong game is great for toddlers who are learning to tell the difference between objects, foods, words, colours, etc. I will be doing a series of these over the course of the next few days with my kids. The day we started doing this activity they were not very focused and had no interest in it, so I saved it for another day when they were calmer and had no problem sitting down to work on it.

Below are some examples of the ones we worked on. We kept it to four objects/letters/numbers each to keep it fairly simple.

Three frogs and one cat. Which one doesn't belong? The cat.

Three construction vehicles and one police car. Which one doesn't belong? The police car.

Three little ponies and one Eeyore. Which one doesn't belong? Eeyore.

Three mammals and one bird. Which one doesn't belong? The bird. (Or if you are doing colours: three brown mammals and one pink bird.)

Three giraffes and one tiger. Which one doesn't belong? The tiger. (Or you can do spots and stripes.)

Three wild animals and one farm animal. Which one doesn't belong? The sheep. (Or you can do three black and white animals and one white animal.)

Three carnivores and one herbivore. Which one doesn't belong? The herbivore. (Or you can do three adults and one baby.)

Three farm animals and one wild animal. Which one doesn't belong? The wild animal. (Or you can do three mammals and one bird.)

We did a few just for fun ones. Like this one. Which lady doesn't belong? Wonder Woman, because she isn't a princess.

Who doesn't belong? Bean put this one together and she said the prince doesn't belong because the princess is friends with the pirate and the safari man. But normally it would be the princess who doesn't belong because she is the only girl in the group (not to exclude her).

We used Lego's for colours. In this one the green one doesn't belong because it has a slope that is different from the others.

The blue square is different from the other three red squares.

The croissant is a grain, or bread, and the other three are vegetables.

The grapes are fruits and the other three are vegetables, or you can do purple grapes and the rest are green vegetables.

We worked with letters. Some we kept simple like this one.

And others were a bit more difficult like this one, because if you look quickly they are similar enough and then you have to spot the differences.

It was the same with numbers. Some were easy and some were a bit harder. Bean always enjoys working with numbers.

We will continue doing these using different materials and objects. We have turned it into a little game that is both fun and educational. Eventually I might turn these into a "busy bag" type of activity, but until then we will use the dry erase board. :)

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