Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gardening with Toddlers

Over the weekend we had gone to a wedding and the favor was a packet of seeds. It was adorable and I was so happy for the couple. "Let Love Grow" was printed on the packet and it's so true! We knew this week would be rainy so we planned a simple gardening activity on one of the less rainy days. I knew Bean would love this activity, especially the watering part. Now, I do have a watering can, but it is huge and bulky and she cannot lift it easily. So we washed out a half gallon milk jug and poked some holes in the top with a nail. It was perfect for her!

We planted the seeds in our small patch of grass on the side of our yard.

I opened the packet and let Bean dig holes and then Munchkin dropped a few seeds in. 

I covered up the hole and patted it down and Bean poured the water on top.

Once we were done she had fun taking the top off the milk jug and screwing it back on and watering the rest of the grass. :)

It will be fun to bring them back out to observe the flowers growing. :)

A fun book that I read to the kids that involved gardening was "Pooh's Secret Garden." Bean decided that this was her secret garden. :)

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