Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"FAUX PAW" Book Review

(Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)

Oh. My. Gosh! Can I just say, FAUX PAW by Julia Dweck is such an amazing book!! It was so fun to read (over and over again!) and Bean especially loved the little boy in the story who wanted nothing more than to be a bear. There's nothing wrong with that! Everyone has a dream and an image in their head of what they want to be. Bean often runs around pretending to be a witch or a dinosaur or a dragon, whatever she fancies for the day. I encourage her to pretend to be whatever she wants.

Walter Bear wants nothing more than to be a bear. And his mother encourages him to be a bear and creates a bear costume made out of brown faux fur. He goes to school dressed as a brown bear and pretends the whole day to be a bear. He eats a lot of food and hibernates. He fights with Bradley Wolf. And soon after, the rest of his classmates are pretending to be animals as well. And yes, they all have fabulous animal-like names, like Jenny Sheepman and Amanda Crowe. My daughter has two nicknames that normally get tagged to the end of her name, the first being Bean (obviously!) and Beara (because it rhymes). Now she is insisting on being called Beara instead, so she can be like Walter!

One of my favourite parts of this book is when Walter goes to school and pretends to be a brown bear and his teacher gets upset because he is "disturbing" the other children and calls his mum. His mum shows up in a brown bear costume just like Walter's! I love that his mother encourages him and supports his decisions. I hope that some day I have enough talent to create dress-up costumes of all kinds for my kids! Until then I will continue to buy costumes. I look forward to my children exploring their imaginations and being creative and learning and discovering new things every day! I love that my daughter now has a book she can relate to and enjoys reading so much!

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who has children who is imaginative and loves pretend play (especially when they absolutely believe they are what they are pretending to be!). When I was younger, I greatly enjoyed pretend play and fondly remember all of the adventures I went on with my sisters and friends. I am so glad that my children also enjoy pretend play and I encourage them daily to be what they want to be. When my daughter wants to be a bumble bee or a fairy or a cowboy, she dresses up and pretends so be exactly that! It's amazing how much can be learned from pretend play.

Julia Dweck is a fantastic author and we have loved every book of hers that we have read! She has many more books to be enjoyed and we look forward to reading all of them!

Julia Dweck and Faux Paw can be found at her website, FacebookAmazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads.

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