Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Felt Board Part 2

I finally finished our Halloween felt board! (Or I haven't and I'll just continue to make more and more.. it's highly possible.)  We love Halloween because for us it means dressing up and going Trick or Treating with our cousins. It's always fun and I look forward to it every year! (Even when my kids sleep through it!) And this year we have been having extra fun by celebrating Halloween pretty much all month long! Bean has especially enjoyed playing with the felt boards I made..

First up, candy corn! Who doesn't love candy corn? I don't. But I do admit that they are very cute! So I made a simple activity out of a candy corn pattern. To make these, I traced out a triangle and rounded off the corners. I cut them out and traced the shape on orange, yellow and white felt.

After cutting them out I let the kids play with the triangles for a bit. Bean enjoyed stacking the triangles and creating simple patterns with them. 

Then I cut each triangle into three pieces.

Bean really liked sorting them and switching the colours around.

Her Safari Ltd. Pumpkin from their Halloween toob is basically her constant companion.

They don't all match up perfectly, but it's close enough. They are still super cute candy corns!

Then we made a few witches! We looked online for pictures of witches and Bean always prefers the one with green faces. So we used lime green felt for the witches faces.

I wanted the pieces to be stackable, so I drew out the face shape on paper and cut it out and used that as the model for each of the pieces. I made sure they lined up before cutting them out of felt. One witch has straight hair (for Bean) and one has curly hair (for Munchkin). They also had to be gingers. 

Then I cut out some features for these witches! The green nose was a must, according to Bean, and to make it more pronounced, I cut it out of a darker shade of green felt. I made the rest of the features in black felt, although afterwards I also made red, yellow, dark green and blue eyes and a pair of glasses. :)

Witches aren't complete without brooms, so I made two different brooms and then used a black fabric marker to add a few details. 

I also made a cauldron with inter-changeable brews (lime green, neon blue, red and yellow). We put lots of wood underneath! And then Bean pointed out that the witches just had heads and asked if the heads were floating and if their bodies were perhaps invisible because that would be awesome... I hadn't even considered making them a body until that moment, so now it's on my to-do list. And of course the cauldron is also heated by invisible fire.. Gee, mum, forget anything else? I'm on it! (I'll update the post when they are finished!)

A peaceful, quiet day.. and floating head witches are just casually brewing up some green pumpkin soup. 

Halloween, though sometimes scary, doesn't have to be. So we kept to mostly non-scary themes. We live near quite a few graveyards (totally creepy), so they recognize gravestones. I created them out of two different shades of grey felt and used four basic gravestone shapes for them. Later I'll use the fabric marker to add some writing, like "Here Lies ___" and "R.I.P.".

Munchkin liked moving the gravestones around and we used the brown felt board for this one.

Then we used the green felt board and brought out some caskets... Because gravestones aren't complete without caskets. Bean told me they weren't buried yet because their ghosts were visiting the Haunted House.

They traded pieces and Bean naturally sorted all of them. 

The Haunted House needed a not-haunted village. So I created four different coloured houses, and they all came out so cute! The roofs come off and so do the windows and doors, so they can switch them around and design them however they want. All the trees are made from the same pattern, but I used different shades of brown. And since it's Halloween Town, the leaves have already fallen and blown away.

Down the road, the Haunted House loomed on a hill... Munchkin can't say Haunted yet, so he calls it Spooky House. :)

These trees needed leaves, so I snipped out a few little red leaves and Munchkin was satisfied. :)

I'm so glad he is really taking an interest in the felt boards! And lately he's been learning words left and right, so we are taking every opportunity to teach him new words.

I am really pleased with the way all these came out!! Be sure to check out our Haunted House Felt Board and Halloween Felt Board Part 1.


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