Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween Sensory Bin

Halloween is only a month away and we are already enjoying tons of Halloween activities! My kids LOVE sensory bins, so of course we've been making some every morning. Each day we change it up a bit and today we added in some Halloween erasers (from Michael's) to practice some fine motor skills. Ever since we put together the pumpkin rice sensory bin, we have kept the orange and black rice mixed up. Later in the month we will add in green and purple rice (but I have specific plans for those colours first!). 

To make a sensory bin, all you need is a filler (in this case we used coloured scented rice), some items to match the theme (if there is a theme - in this case we used acrylic pumpkins and Halloween erasers) and things to scoop and pour and trays. You can use spoons, bowls, trays, tweezers, tongs, etc. My kids prefer to use bowls and spoons in rice bins, though tweezers would have worked great! (My kids actually love using their toy pliers!) 

Munchkin wanted to use this sectional tray and a couple silicone muffin molds (we use them for sensory bins). He made so many lovely rice muffins and topped them off with Halloween erasers and then pretended to eat them!

Bean dove right in and mixed up a bowl of Pumpkin Soup!

She also spent some time sorting the erasers (there are BOO's, owls, pumpkins, and skeletons).

The erasers looked right at home! They made very yummy soups and muffins. Bean loved that she could actually see the pumpkins in her pumpkin soup.

Two versions of pumpkin soup! She really liked stirring both and listening to the different sounds they make being mixed around.

I can't wait to see how they like the other sensory bins we create this month!

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