Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monster Felt Board

Our felt board collection is growing and growing! You can check out some of our other Halloween felt boards here, here and here and our DIY felt board tutorial here. Next on our list was monsters! Bean loves monsters and thinks they are great. She still doesn't watch tv much (which is probably a good thing, so I'm not complaining), so she's never seen Monsters, Inc. But I bet that when she does watch it, she will love it! 

This felt board was actually inspired by another blogger's monster felt board! And Next Comes L created a very fun Mix and Match Monster Felt Board. The monsters she created for her kids are super adorable! 

I created a set of small monsters which will be used as baby monsters. Soon enough a few parent monsters will be joining them! But for now, these are the group we have. Bean chose the colours and shape of the monster before I cut them out. I basically drew a few basic sketches on thick paper, cut them out and used it to trace onto the felt fabric with a pen (I trim any residual ink off). Then I cut a bunch of shapes out of scrap felt. Triangles, squares, rectangles, diamonds, circles, etc. I created a few special ones as well, like tails, horns, claws, fangs, antlers, hats, arms, etc. Some are not pictured here because when I brought this out to them to play with, they did not even get around to opening the second bag! I will update the post when they discover monster bag #2. 

They chose the green and brown felt boards and Bean lined up the monsters.

She created a few different monsters while Munchkin sorted through the different facial features. This activity is perfect for learning about features. There are smiles, upside down smiles, eyes, eyebrows, ears, noses, tongues, teeth, etc. There are other features as well, all suitable for monsters, like claws and tails and horns. We talked about happy and sad monsters and wondered why they felt that way.

Munchkin picked out several different features to hand to Bean and she chose where to put them on the monsters. They occasionally worked on the same monster, but mostly it was Bean decorating them.

This is Bean's favourite and she says it's her Ubooly (hence the lack of arms or legs), even though hers is orange. Her Ubooly transformed into an ogre with spiky hair and a sword and a snake tongue, because that's the sort of Ubooly she has. One that likes potentially dangerous adventures.

Bean likes to put them together and arrange their faces with features matching the colour of the monster. It's always safe to be extra camouflaged if you're a monster!

For Munchkin, this was a fun activity to mix and match the colours and see if he could match them to the monsters. He also did the same with some of the shapes! I love that they enjoy playing with the felt boards so much!

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