Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Haunted House Felt Board

We're half-way through the month and we can't wait for Halloween!! I have been having so much fun creating fun crafts and activities for my kids and they have especially been enjoying the Halloween felt boards I have made them!

For the Haunted House, all I did was take a thick piece of paper (old, white scrapbook paper, because it's thick) and sketched out a basic outline for a Haunted House. I based it off of a haunted house in a picture I saw on the internet, though it's not exactly alike and I wasn't able to find the link again (sorry!). I cut out the outline and then used it to trace the design on a piece of 9" x 12" black felt. The house is purposefully crooked.

Then I cut out random window shapes and a door and two steps out of white felt. I also used yellow felt for a few of the windows. I used a black fabric marker to give them different window panes.

During the day, this Haunted House looks pretty normal.. despite some of the windows being boarded up and the whole house being crooked...

But at night... ghosts come out of their graves and haunt the house!

Bean said the gravestones only come out when the ghosts do, so we went with it. She really enjoyed telling me which grave each of the ghosts lived in and why they haunted the house. Each one had a different reason and she laughed hysterically every time they popped out of their gravestones!

Nearby, a few random houses wonder why the house on the hill is haunted..

You can find the ghosts here, the moon, suns and clouds are just from our regular stock of felt cut-outs (all homemade) and the houses and gravestones can be found here!

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