Monday, January 6, 2014

Fun with Dinosaur Magnets!

The kids' Grammy gave them a set of Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Dinosaurs for Christmas and they have been really fun to play with on the fridge, but it was a little bit boring without a scenery. So I put together one of our felt landscapes and placed it on a metal cookie tray (bought at the Dollar Tree). The magnets aren't too strong, but still worked well on the tray. Bean had so much fun with this set-up and we will certainly return to it soon. It was especially fun for storytelling!

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"Hello!" "Hello, food!"

"Who ate all the leaves?"

"Mama this triceratops can fly!"

"Oh no, there's no water to swim in!"

I noticed that she moved the sun across the felt sky every few minutes. She said it was because the sun was going around the planet and it would be night soon. :)

"Giant dinosaur party!"

Super fun! Do you own a set of Melissa and Doug magnets? How do you play with them?

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