Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shape Sorting, Matching and Sensory Bin

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We used these Shape Buttons to create this simple activity. First I traced a handful of the shapes onto a piece of white paper in coloured pencil that matched the colour of the button. This way they had to match not just the shape, but the colour too. It was perfect for Munchkin and just practice for Bean.

This was great fine motor practice for Munchkin, since he had to try matching the shapes within their traced outlines.

After they matched each of the shapes, I brought out the sensory bin. I filled it with corn meal and filled two bowls with buttons. I also gave them some spoons, tongs (which they didn't end up using) and a mini muffin pan.

They poured the buttons into the corn meal and mixed them up and we played I Spy. I'd ask them to spy the little green arrow or big red oval. The size mattered because most of the buttons came in either two or three sizes (small and large or small, medium and large).

Then after they found the correct button shape, they sorted them into the mini muffin pan.

This kind of activity is perfect for colour and shape recognition, sensory and fine motor play, as well as practicing simple math skills, since Bean practice counting the buttons as she added them into the tray. 

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