Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Little Mermaid Small World

Bean is currently obsessed with The Little Mermaid and received The Little Mermaid Figure Play Set with all the favourite characters for Christmas. We have used the little figures to create many small worlds, but this one is our favourite! We used the Little People Princess Castle and an assortment of other little toys, including The Little Mermaid Bath Toys, some Thomas the Train bath toy boats, a Jake and The Never Land Pirates ship and Princess Sofia bedroom furniture. This just happens to be the best ensemble of toys that make recreating scenes from the movie and books super fun!  

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I used a blue satin curtain as the sea and placed it over the coffee table. The curtain has a nice ripple pattern, so it's what we use for most sea-themed small worlds. On top of that we placed one of our felt boards with the castle sitting on top of it, so there is a small yard around the castle. We used a few small pieces of card board for the beach, so the kids were able to move them under the grass or out closer to the sea (high tide and low tide - love that they remember that kind of detail for the beach!).

Eric spent a lot of time on the balcony looking out over the sea searching for Ariel.

His dog found Sebastian and Flounder!

Sadly we don't have a figure of him not holding anything, so he looks a bit awkward washed up on the beach, but it still works. We also played The Little Mermaid soundtrack in the background, so Munchkin and Bean sang along.

Ursula and King Triton get into fights a lot, but he always has the final say.

Eric's always the hero that saves the day. Ursula gets beat up a lot. 

One of the kids' favourite scenes in the movie - when they trick the shark and swim away to safety. 

King Triton has a bad feeling about this.

Prince Eric likes to take Ariel out sailing. Ursula's goons are always watching them, of course.

Meanwhile King Triton has bigger problems...

Love at first sight!

Is Sebastian for dinner?

Plotting, plotting, plotting... never nice things.

Final showdown! I bet you can figure out who won.

The kids went back and forth recreating the scenes and adding or removing certain elements each time. It was so fun to watch the stories they came up with! Some were from the movie and others weren't, like King Triton's battle with the shark, haha. But each time they play with these figures, the story changes a bit. Last time Bean only played with Ariel as a mermaid, so Prince Eric had to visit her in the ocean. And in another King Triton had taken over Prince Eric's castle and stranded Eric on a beach somewhere. It's always interesting to see what they come up with!

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