Friday, January 3, 2014

Frozen Small World

We got a lot of snow yesterday and are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. Today I had intended to bring the kids outside to the park, but my sons initial reaction was to whimper and run back inside to curl up on the couch under a blanket. So because he didn't want to go outside to play in it, I decided to bring it inside so they could still play in the snow, but would have the comfort of a warm living room.

I filled up one of our sensory bins with snow, leaving about 3 inches open.

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Then I set out the arctic animals. Some are Safari Ltd arctic toob animals and others are Wild Republic, though I'm not sure which particular set they are from (aquatic or polar).

They added them all at their own pace and enjoyed burying each of them, because they were "swimming" in the snow. We reviewed what each animal was called, where they lived and what they ate. Bean could name them all and did pretty well remembering where they lived (closer to north or south pole) and was able to sort them by carnivores and herbivores. Most animals in the arctic are carnivores.

Bean kept commenting on how cold the snow was. Munchkin made sure each of the animals got a "snow bath".

Bean decided this was the north pole and kicked out all the penguins, but Munchkin kept bringing them back. :)

The seals and walrus' really liked basking in the snow.

This is what happens when penguins fly.

It was a winter wonderland!

Munchkin really loves the penguins!

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