Monday, January 6, 2014

Watercolour Letters

Every day we review letters (Munchkin) and sight words (Bean), but some days that gets boring. Flash cards lose their interest, a particular book no longer keeps their attention, that sort of thing. On those days we spice things up and create a new way to study and learn. The kids love their homemade watercolours that I made them at Christmas time and they use them nearly daily. They usually paint with them in their colouring books after lunch, but today I wrote down the alphabet on plain white paper and let them trace the letters instead.

I like to combine activities like this so that it can be both fun and a learning experience. Both of them can trace letters and rarely need assistance. So this was a fun change of pace using a paintbrush and watercolours instead of crayons/markers or a salt tray. This also happens to be a great fine motor activity to practice holding a pencil-like object. And although they did not "paint" each letter in order, they did call out the name of the letter and told me a word that went with it. Like, "A is for alligator!" and "E is for elephant!" Tomorrow we will do the same activity except with lowercase letters. And for Bean we will write a few sight words. 

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