Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Marvel City Felt Board

This city goes along with our Marvel Characters Felt Board Pieces and it is incredibly easy to make. However, it's just filling in for now because I plan on making a 3-D city for these pieces to be played with in. (Fair warning though, it will probably take me at least a few weeks to complete it. I only have a short while each night that I can devote to a project like that.)

For the city buildings I traced a few different sized rectangular boxes. I used a tan and a dark grey colour felt. I'll have many different ones for the future. In the meantime...

I used a sheet of black felt to cut out doors and windows. 

The black windows are for the ones that don't have a light on inside. :)

And I did the same thing with a sheet of white and yellow felt, except I didn't cut out doors. I also freehanded the windows, so they are not perfectly square. In the comic universe, that's ok.

Bean picked out the light blue felt board because she said it was a clear day. She asked for a couple clouds, some rain drops and lightning because later there would be a storm. :)

These are the pieces she picked out.

Then she started to set up the buildings. They only fit if you layer them up, but it looks more interesting that way anyways. :)

And after much arranging of windows... We decided to glue them on before the next time we play with them. Yes, it's interesting to arrange them, but it also takes away from the activity if you have to keep fixing them every time they fall off. So yeah, that will be my project tomorrow - glue the windows on!

Thor summoned some thunder and lightning. It would be interesting to make some comic book action sounds, like BAM, ZAP or BAMF, etc. and make them into laminated felt pieces like the characters.

Munchkin kept "slamming" Iron Man down, which is his version of Iron Man's typical landing.

Meanwhile Doctor Doom is summoning up a clone of himself... and Spider-Man is forever climbing up the window...

Meanwhile, the other pieces are waiting to be called into action... :)

And this city is only temporary... It's my intention to build a 3-D city that will fit over our coffee table and will include several Marvel specific buildings, like Stark Tower, Baxter Building, Avengers Mansion, X-Men Academy, Daily Bugle, etc. and they will also be removable, just in case a building or two falls over. Because, let's face it, the Marvel crew are known for beating up the city as well as the villains. So there will be streets, props, trees, rubble... I'll probably share sneak peeks on my Facebook page! :)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and look forward to our future felt projects!! If you have ever made a project like this, I'd love to hear about it in the comments! Or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them! 

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