Friday, January 17, 2014

Snowman Felt Board

Bean is obsessed with snowmen. (And it may be hereditary, haha.) So we have been enjoying snowman crafts for months now, ever since the snow first started to fall. Now we barely have any snow on the ground, since the weather has been steadily getting warmer and it's been raining a lot. So snowman season may be over (but this is New England, so it will probably snow soon), but not inside the house!

I made this snowman felt board over a month ago and the kids play with it often. Bean really enjoys dressing up the snowman and taking him on adventures. She takes the whole felt board and walks around with it and will play with him on the couch or on the floor or trampoline. I am considering making a wall-mounted felt board for her bedroom, so she can play with her felt board pieces first thing in the morning. She would love it!

For each snowman, I cut out three circles, one small, medium and large. Then I cut out two twig arms, a carrot nose and small, medium and large black circles for coal eyes, mouth and buttons.

They requested matching snowmen, but different coloured twig arms.

I also cut out scarves, different colour buttons, hats and brooms. They also occasionally wear vests. :)

I'm sure I'll be making many more "fancy duds" for these two in the future!

And here you can witness the terrible lighting in our house.. :) Munchkin really enjoys accessorizing his snowmen. 

A snowman of many scarves. :)

Look forward to our weather felt board and Valentine's Day felt board coming soon!

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