Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Activities: Day 4

Red, White and Blue
Pom Pom Fireworks
Tissue Paper Fireworks

For our first activity of the day, we made pom pom fireworks! We took several red, white and blue pom poms (solid and sparkly) and glued them to a sheet of black construction paper. This was a simple activity that didn't take long to do and mainly it was just to get them used to using the glue sticks while sticking to our patriotic theme. 

We also made these funky things. They are sparkly pipe cleaners that were glued into plastic craft tubes. They really enjoyed waving them around and saying, "pew pew". 

Our Second activity of the day is Tissue Paper Fireworks. These are great because the kids will be able to launch them just like fireworks! Well, sort of. :)

You will need
Recycled toilet paper or paper towel rolls
Red, white and blue tissue paper
Red, white and/or blue construction paper (or paint the rolls, colour with markers/crayons, etc.)
Glue, if you are using construction paper

Our first step was to decorate the paper towel rolls. We cut-to-size the construction paper to wrap around the toilet paper rolls. Then we glued a few long pieces of tissue paper inside one end. Once that was finished, I handed them each a few small squares of tissue paper. They immediately crumpled them up and stuffed them in the tube. Then the Firework Shooters were ready to go. 

Take your new firework shooters into an open room, stuff them (loosely) with tissue paper, and have the kids blow into them to launch the tissue paper. They blew through the non-decorated side, so that the crumpled up tissue paper would shoot through the other side and blow the tissue paper around. They loved them! Unfortunately I ran out of time to take those pictures because we were getting ready to go to a family BBQ.

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