Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Great Back to School Deals at Target

I just want to share with everyone the pretty awesome back-to-school supplies at Target! I paid $22 for everything in the below pictures that I bought from Target's dollar section. Everything except the coin and paper money was $1, the coins and paper money were $3.

Our awesome haul: 
2 Dry-Erase pockets (meaning that we can put individual pages from the work books in the dry erase pocket and be able to reuse it again and again)
Dry erase markers and Magnetic erasers. 
Dinosaur Discovery Workbook
Alphabet WorkBook
Rhyme Time Work Book
ABC and 123 Wipe-Clean WorkBook (2)
Wipe-Clean Board map of the world and map of USA on back (2)
Flash Cards - Animals, Dinosaurs, Busy People, Phonics 1 & 2
Adhesive Googly Eyes (because they are easier than the glue on types)
Sharks (fact book, great for our ocean study)
Coins and Paper Money 

I am excited to use all of these! The maps will be great for matching animals to their country of origin, learning what state they live in and matching colours to the different continents (since they are colour coded). We already have some work books from the Dollar Tree that we are adding to this collection so we can work on them over the next year. We normally buy our flash cards at the Dollar Tree, but I am in love with these flash cards from Target. The animal and dinosaur flash cards have facts on the back side of the card, so you can use them for reference when you are learning about them. :)

There was plenty of other things to choose from, like books about the Presidents of the United States and flash cards for maths, as well as packets of craft supplies like pom poms and pipe cleaners. But I only grabbed the things I knew my kids would love and use (and that they were ready for). So far the two favourites are the animal and dinosaur flash cards.

Besides their dollar section, they had plenty of other back-to-school supplies on sale. If we weren't already stocked up on crayons and markers for the rest of our lives, then we definitely would have bought some more!

I am in no way trying to promote Target, I just felt like sharing my opinions on their selection of back-to-school supplies.

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