Saturday, July 27, 2013

Clothes Line Activity

Although this activity did take a while to make, it ended up being so much fun for the kids and I know they will enjoy playing with this activity quite often. Bean loved using the clothes pins to hang up the clothes, but after a while she decided to play with her dolls instead. Munchkin, on the other hand, sat there and played with this set up for over an hour! He really loved pinning up the clothes. We did a few simple activities with this, like naming the different types of clothes (shirt, pants, skirt and socks), sorting by colour or by type of clothes and seeing if they could make a pattern on the clothesline (sock, pant, sock, pant, sock, etc.). 

I cut a couple clothes shapes out of a sheet of felt. I tried to line them up to waste less of the felt (although we do save the scraps because you never know what you will use them for). I did this with five different colours and it took about a half hour to cut them all out. 

Once they were all cut up, I put the felt clothes in a little "laundry basket" and put a handful of small clothes pins in a recycled container. Then I tied two strings between the bars of our magazine stand (which we use for library books). The clothes line was ready!

I showed the kids how to use the clothes pins and then I stood back to let them try. They learned very quickly and soon they were quite engaged with the activity.

Munchkin especially liked this activity and was very focused. He made sure each piece of clothes was carefully pinned up.

Bean took her time going through the clothes and only pinned up the ones she wanted (the pants).

Each piece of clothes had to be secured with two pins.

Even pinning just the clothes was fun. :)

Bean lost interest after a while and then came back when she discovered that she could hang up her dolls clothes.

Munchkin also enjoyed using just the pins without any clothes. He liked seeing how many he could line up and was disappointed when he ran out.

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