Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pretend Play: Doctors

Today we had a lot of fun taking turns and pretending we were doctors. J was here and pretended to be the doctor for most of the day. The kids were perfectly content pretending to be the patients (because that meant they got stickers!).

I set out a bucket of bandages and other assorted doctor supplies. The kids barely used their doctor kit when they realized what fun they could have with bandages. Turns out, my two kids are very accident prone. All of their bruises had to be bandaged up to prevent further injury (as if that would stop them).

First up was Munchkin, who had a tiny bruise near his ankle. That called for a "cast."

Then Bean needed to have a cast set on her ankle as well, because she was in the same "accident."

It seemed that every time one of them needed a new bandage, the other had to get the same one.

Munchkin had a lot of fun with his head sleeve. Bean told him he was a ninja.

Patient waiting area. Their younger sister was being cared for by Doctor J. According to Doctor J baby sis had an unusual bump on her leg that needed to be surgically removed. Surgery didn't take too long..

Afterwards, the kids were able to see baby sis.

The kids enjoyed learning how to dress wounds.

Checking out baby sis after her surgery (which went well).

By the time they were done playing Doctor, both of them were bandaged up in several different places and just wanted to sit down and relax.

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Please always supervise your children while playing and never leave them unattended.

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