Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ship Porthole Craft

This craft was really simple and fun to create with the kids. All you need are a few paper plates (2 for each porthole), markers (or whatever you want to draw with, paint also works well but you have to wait for it to dry), glue (we used liquid glue and glue sticks to try out which one held up better and both worked fine) and the creatures you want to be viewing (for this one we used foam ocean creatures, but you can also draw the fish or use stickers or tissue paper, etc.). 

I set out a bowl of blue and green markers for the first plate. This plate will be the ocean, so J coloured it blue and Munchkin and Bean coloured theirs blue and green (mostly swirls). 

While they were busy colouring, I set myself to the task of cutting out the portholes. I find it's easiest to start by cutting an x into the plate. The plates we used already had a circle, so I used that as a guide and cut along it.

Then they coloured the porthole windows and decorated their oceans with foam fish and corals. One step we did not do (mainly because J was about to be picked up) was gluing a piece of clear wrap to the inside of the porthole. This makes it look like you're actually looking through a window into the ocean. Once they were finished colouring and decorating, we glued the two plates together (the back of the plates should be facing outward so there is an open area between them).


But even without the clear wrap, they still looked great. :)

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