Friday, July 26, 2013

Indoor Pool Time

Two things we like to do with our blow-up pool inside:  fill it with balls to make a ball pit or fill it with blankets and pillows and use it as a special reading spot. At some point I plan on buying a hula hoop and sewing a blanket around it to make a tent (Pinterest idea). Needless to say, the fun pools can bring doesn't have to all happen outside! So if you have a spare pool, bring it inside and let your kids enjoy playing in it. :)

To make things easier, I gave them one of the couch cushions for their pillow, but sometimes we also use throw pillows. I put a sheet in the bottom of the pool and then gave them two small blankets. Then the kids picked out a few books and jumped right in.

They enjoyed looking through their favourite board books while I prepped lunch. Bean read the alphabet out loud and Munchkin said "beep beep" while he looked through The Little Blue Truck book.

Turns out the pool can also be used as a race track. Bean and Munchkin drove their little cars around the rim of the pool and would make them bounce around and fall off.

One thing we want to try is letting them paint in the pool. Which would certainly make clean-up easier. :)

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