Learning Activities

Fine Motor Activities 

Sorting and Matching Activities

Exploring Science 

Pretend Play

Field Trips


Habitat Themed Small Worlds

Frog Eggs (mini frog pond with a focus on frog eggs)
Dinosaur Small World
Frozen Arctic
Exploring Life at the Arctic Circle
Oobleck Swamp
Edible Swamp
Exploring the Rainforest (with activities)
Simple Dinosaur Small World
Coral Reef
Ocean Small World
Thanksgiving Small World
Frozen Small World

Play Inspired By Books or Movies

Stone Soup by Ann McGovern
Gardening with Toddlers We read Pooh's Secret Garden and planted a few flower seeds in our yard that will hopefully be found by some bees. :)
Exploring the Bottom of the Ocean We read The Pout Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark before I set up this bin.
Beach Themed Treasure Hunt and Treasure Hunt with Pirates Inspired by Pirates by John Matthews, as well as countless other pirate books.
Blucy and Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep a book review and activities to go with the books
"Frozen" Sensory Small World Play inspired by the Disney film of the same name
The Little Mermaid Small World inspired by the Disney films and books
Marvel Characters Felt Board Pieces inspired by Marvel Comics
Marvel City Felt Board inspired by Marvel Comics

Book Reviews

Faux Paw
My Yellow Umbrella
Zippity-Zoo: A Magical Zoo
Monkey Fun
Secret Santa Squirrels

TOS Crew Reviews


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